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Must-Haves: Hamna Amir’s Exquisite Earrings For The Upcoming Season

Hamna Amir - hands down!!!


Hamna Amir the talented Pakistani jewelry designer is known for her knack for designing state-of-the-art traditional earrings. Be it her calligraphy designs or her intricate bridal jewelry she never ceases to amaze us. Her earrings are a sheer display of true skillfulness and craftsmanship. She uses carefully cut multi-colored stones such as zircons, tourmalines, sapphires and even rubies in her jewelry. If you’re a fan of filigree finishing and fine detailing, then believe us when we say that Hamna Amir’s jewelry designs are meant for you ladies!

This upcoming season calls for the latest Fall/Winter outfits and exquisite Hamna Amir jewelry paired with it. If you haven’t gotten yourself a pair of her timeless earrings yet, then this is the perfect time of the year to get them! If you’re a husband looking for a pair of earrings to gift to your wife, then take your pick from one of these designs now and surprise her today! Elegant and dazzling, these earrings will make you turn heads! Her ruby earrings in particular give off major “ruby Tuesdays” vibes and you’ll love them just like we do!

Here are her some of Hamna’s opulent earrings handpicked by us especially for you! Take your pick because these earrings by Hamna Amir are absolute must-haves!


















We hope that you liked these designs by Hamna Amir! Now we can’t help but say Hamna Amir - hands down!!!


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