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Mushq’s Pre-Fall Festive Collection Running Out Of Stock Already!

Ladies hurry because time is of the essence here!


Mushq’s pre-fall festive collection is running out of stock fast. Some outfits have already run out of stock! Ladies, you may have lost the chance to get your hands on the gorgeous outfit “Noire Idole,” but you can still buy the rest of these outfits! The remainder of the collection has 5 more enrapturing outfits for you called Glam Show, Shopaholic, Wild Flower, Caribbean Sea and Wild Orchid! Some of these outfits have been inspired by natural elements such as wild flowers and orchids. The dreamy apparel called Caribbean Sea has been dyed a deep blue inspired by the azure waters of the Caribbean!

The heavily embellished outfit “Glam Show” is a beautiful display of sparkly pearls, laser cut 3D flowers and Swarovski crystals. These outfits also have sequined detailing with diamante and applique work. Expensive silk embroidery can also be seen in them and intricate stone work also sets the tone for grandeur in these ensembles. Shades depicting subtlety such as lilac, pink and gray are evident in the collection and these outfits are simply breathtaking! Fabrics such as cotton silk, organza, jacquard and grip have been used to create these stunning outfits!

Behold the beautiful outfits!


Noire Idole 



Wild Orchid



 Glam Show



Caribbean Sea



Wild Flowers







Ladies, get your favorite one of these outfits online at before the rest of them get out of stock too!


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