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Asim Jofa’s Orne’ Is Exactly What We Need This Festive Season!

A combination of ornate embroideries and luxury fabrics!


Asim Jofa is all set to launch his new festive collection Orne’ tomorrow and we simply love the detailing on these attires. He sure knows how to create high-end outfits that are absolutely brilliant. This collection is exclusively meant for women who are looking for the perfect wedding wear. These exuberant apparels make the perfect dholki, mehendi, mayun and shendi wear. You are all set to make the impression of a lifetime with these formal outfits. Jofa has used his commendable fabric selection technique to pick out the finest fabrics for you. Furthermore, he’s used his praise-worthy fabric adornment skills to adorn these outfits.

The broad ranged color palette has a wide variety of colors including pistachio, ivory, blush pink, black, midnight blue and subtle lilac. Such a vast color palette makes this collection perfectly appropriate for everyone. Wear a classy studded choker with these apparels or a traditional maala! These modern silhouettes will make you look trendy and prominent in any social gathering!

Here are Asim Jofa’s latest formal outfits for you see!


















These apparels go live today so ladies pre-book your favorite outfit here now!      

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