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Asim Jofa: Ladies, Is The Real Deal.

Pakistan’s jeweler turned top fashion designer!


Asim Jofa is one of Pakistan’s leading fashion designers. The jeweler turned dress designer is known to breathe magic into his apparels. According to the designer himself, each apparel that he designs is meant to tell a tale. If you delve further into the depth of his designs, you will find that the motifs, prints and the themes of his outfits all tell a story! It is almost as if he tries to narrate intriguing fables through his work and not just create outfits. The very fact that his collections get sold out within days of going live shows how much us Pakistani’s love his apparels. People tend to replicate his designs. They try to compete with him and reach the benchmark set by him but no one can beat him because Asim Jofa knows how to beguile women everywhere with his one-of-a-kind apparels.

Another thing that people do not know about the premium lawn maestro of our country is that he is a complete workaholic. He pours his heart and soul into his work and that is pretty obvious from his designs. He still manages to find time for his family on Sundays no matter how hard he works and ladies we do love family-oriented gentlemen! Just like us, he loves the simpler things that life has to offer like Netflix shows such as Stranger Things, Christian Bale and jazz music.

As for his work, he uses the subtle design techniques used in jewelry crafting to embellish his clothes. When asked about how people can distinguish between his designs and their cheaper replicated versions in the market, he said that his outfits are all about detailing which is why women buy them in the first place. He also added that his collections tend to get sold out within a few days of coming out! So ladies, if you’re being sold Asim Jofa outfits weeks or months after their launch, then there is a fair chance of them being replicas.

Not only do us Pakistani’s love his work, but people living across borders in India are also fans of his designs. According to the maestro, he has received a lot of love in India which is why he would like to continue showcasing his clothes there. He also has fashion shows in other countries of the world like Dubai and America.

Here are some of his designs laid out for you to see!





















Ladies, isn’t his work enchanting? Welcome to team Asim Jofa!

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